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Rodrigo Duterte: 'The moment I assume the presidency, contractualization will stop.'

The Davao City Mayor says he will end contractualization on his first week as president.

All five presidential candidates attended the third and final presidential debate on April 24, 2016 at the PHINMA University of Pangasinan in Dagupan City.

One of the issues raised was contractualization—something that many Filipinos turn to, just to get employment. Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vowed that he will stop contractualization on his first week as President of the Philippines.

Watch his speech below:

“The moment I assume the presidency, contractualization will stop. They have to stop it. Kasi ganito yan eh, we spend so much money of government and people, ang mga bata, studying sa TESDA. Then they apply and they are accepted as electrician, carpenter. Ang problema ho, after six months because ang mga kumpanya, ayaw magbayad ng mga bonuses and even the 13th month pay, kasi pag dating ng one year niyan, they have to be paid. Yung mga bonus lahat na. So to do away with it, tatanggalin nila before six months."

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The Davao Mayor added, "And even you go abroad, it says three years experience. Our people, the young people cannot ever, ever acquire the experience and the enterprise to really be an electrician kasi, doon sa ibang trabaho kargador, yung iba boy lang siya, yung iba konduktor or iba talagang walang trabaho. So that is an injustice committed against the people of the Republic of the Philippines. I will not allow that as President of this country.”

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The candidates were also given 30 more seconds to add to their previous statement. Before Mayor Duterte’s time started, host Karen Davila said, “Mayor Duterte sabi niyo, 'you will stop it [contractualization].'”

“Yes. I said, 'immediately.' What I will do is I will call the Speaker and the Senate President after their elections and everybody, may constitution na doon, internal. Then I will call all, mostly, the majority, mga Liberal Congressman, you pass this bill immediately. 'Senate,' sabihin ko, 'I need it first week of my administration.' Ganoon lang. Gawin ninyo. That’s the President ordering everybody,” he replied.

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