Are Ronnie And Loisa Back Together? Here's Proof!

The rumors were only rumors, after all.
PHOTO: Instagram/hashtag_r2a

The past week was full of cryptic tweets and speculations regarding Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte's relationship. Never fear! It seems like the breakup rumors were only rumors, after all. 

This weekend, a fan account dedicated to the couple posted photos and videos of the two at a mall in Pasay, being all ~clingy~. 

And if that's not enough to convice you, the pair basically confirmed that everything's all good through their Insta accounts. 

"Love will never do, without you." We're loving this shot. Sunset photos of your S.O. are the best! 

"Simula ngayon hanggang future." So there is going to be a future for them. *wink*

And here's a vid from Loisa's IG Stories of Ronnie working out. Hellooooo, what a supportive "girlfriend"?!  

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