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LOL, Saab Magalona And Jim Bacarro Have A Code Word For When They Need To Fart In Front Of Each Other

Pretty smart move, actually!

To fart or not to fart in front of each other, that is the question that inevitably comes up in every couple’s relationship. On the show First Dates, Cheats band members Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Jim Bacarro reveal their very own couple hack for this situation. “We just say ‘nose,’” says Saab, which means the other has to hold their breath for a minute. Clever, right?

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Still, it’s not completely foolproof. “Sometimes when you say ‘nose,’ I don’t actually stop breathing,” says Saab. “Wala lang. I want to smell every part of you!” LOL!

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The parents of super cute baby Pancho also talk about their first date, first kiss, and first time they got drunk—all on the same night. What about the first time they saw each other naked? Without missing a beat, Jim says, “On our wedding night,” which prompts Saab to let out a belly laugh. “Grabe ang tawa ko!”

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