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Sam Concepcion Is Still Seeking Anne Curtis' Approval

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on December 16, 2014!

1 Sam Concepcion admitted that he is still struggling with getting the approval of Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s ate, Anne Curtis. He shared, “My relationship with Jasmine means a lot to me. There wouldn’t be a reason for me not to make an effort for everybody. Kasi siyempre, sa relationship, sometimes it’s not just the both of us. There are people around us. Of course, my main concern is about her, and her ate, and how we are together.” (

2 Do you still keep stuffed toys in your room? That might be the reason you’re still single, at least according to feng shui practitioner Hanz Cua. He says these plush toys are among the things you need to get rid of from your room if you want to attract romance next year. Other things you should remove from your bedroom: mobiles or metal chimes, any kind of clutter, and items that hold water. (


3 In case you were wondering, James Reid is still single! The actor denied that he is dating Kim Chiu’s sister, Wendolyn, after they were spotted hanging out with a group of friends in a hotel. He explained, "[There is] nothing [going on], we met each other a couple of times outside. We know each other through common friends. She’s a common friend with Andi [Eigenmann], that’s how I met her." (

4 Seriously, can we be part of Taylor Swift’s barkada? After having a star-studded 25th birthday party on December 13, she danced the night away with Beyonce at Justin Timberlake’s concert. The day after that, Jay Z and Justin were spotted leaving her Tribeca apartment. Either she’s the best host ever, or these three are collaborating on a new song. Hopefully both! (JustJared

5 Rough day? Here's something to cheer you up this morning: Liam Hemsworth’s arms.

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