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Sanrio's Newest Character Is A Working Panda With Issues

Aggretsuko, 25 and single, deals with a long commute to work, annoying co-workers, and inconsiderate bosses.

You can definitely count on the Japanese to make anything kawaii. Sanrio, the Japanese company that unleashed Hello Kitty and her friends to the rest of the world, is introducing its newest and probably most relatable character for us millennials.

According to Verge, Aggretsuko, a red panda, was conceived as a "25-year-old Scorpio with Type A blood who works as an office associate at a trading company in Tokyo."

Sanrio revealed that the character's name is actually short for "Aggressive Retsuko." That's because she is supposedly experiencing a lot of stress at work.

A Los Angeles Times article said that Aggretsuko is enraged by "a long commute, annoying co-workers, and inconsiderate managers." Because of that, Aggretsuko turns to "alcohol and heavy metal karaoke for comfort."

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