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Why Sarah Lahbati Is Sick Of Hearing 'How To Be You?'

It's about time we stopped saying it.
PHOTO: Instagram/sarahlahbati

Sarah Lahbati recently launched her own blog and one of her first entries is about empowering her fans to overcome insecurities—yes, even Sarah deals with them. The Kapamilya actress shared a screenshot of her post on Twitter with the caption: "I'm sick of hearing 'how to be you?'"

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Sarah started her entry by recounting how insecure she was as a teen. She wrote, "I felt so unsure, doubtful, and self-conscious." She added that she constantly compared herself to girls who had straight hair, perfect bodies, and perfect makeup.

She also recalled that she felt that everyone in her public high school in Switzerland was trendy—except her. But she started feeling better about herself when she met friends who took her for who she was.

"My friends and I shared a love for sports. We liked being active. We went skiing and swimming. Sometimes we went window-shopping. Even if we didn't buy anything, we had fun. We enjoyed each other's company. We had sleepovers in each other's homes where we would talk until the wee hours of the morning... The true friends I made in high school are still my friends now."

But what really struck us most was her reaction to one of the most common expressions thrown at celebs: "How to be you?"

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She wrote, "Whenever I read or hear the expression 'how to be you?' I get a little upset. I am actually sick and tired of it. It's not cute. People stress about not looking like their Instagram idol. This attitude has become a sort of sickness. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other.

"Take care of yourself as best as you can. Exercise. Eat [healthily]. Develop your talents. Appreciate your uniqueness, whether you have a curvy body, wavy hair, straight hair, lanky arms, or whatever. It's okay to have baby fat. It's okay to have curly hair. It's okay if you are not graceful. You have positive traits that you can accentuate. You have a good heart, and you can give love."

To wrap up the entry, she posted a challenge to all of us:

"Don't ask the celebs you idolize 'how to be you?' Instead, ask yourself 'how can I be the best that I can be?'" 

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