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Scarlet Snow Belo Wearing Mom Vicki's Dress Is The Cutest Thing

Now that's taking hand-me-downs to the next level!

One of our favorite babies—well, toddler now—of the internet, Scarlet Snow Belo, recently attended a wedding anniversary party. And being the daughter of the ever-fashionable Dr. Vicki Belo, you bet the little tot was dressed to the nines. In fact, she actually wore one of mom Vicki’s old dresses!

This was written in the caption accompanying Scarlet's photo on Instagram: “I feel so pretty in this dress. Thank you, Mommy, for cutting your beautiful dress to make it fit me.”

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Here’s Scarlet and her mom. Of course their outfits are coordinated, they’re pros at twinning!

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Scarlet also hung out with Singapore socialite Jamie Chua who’s in Manila. Remember her insane Birkin collection?

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We’re obsessed with how Dr. Vicki took hand-me-downs to the next level! It's thoughtful, sweet, and definitely something we're taking note of for when we have our own kids, lol.

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