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Selena Gomez Fires Back At Body Shamers In Candid New Interview

"I'm not going to let them get to me. I can do what I want."

In a new interview with The Cruz Show on Power 106, Selena Gomez opened about what it was like to deal with the barrage of insults and body-shaming she's received in recent years. The star was surprisingly candid during the exchange, basically letting the entire world know she no longer gives a good "fuck" what anyone thinks. 

When asked about why she chose to pose topless for her new album cover, Selena pointed back to the harsh scrutiny she's faced over her appearance.

"You have to understand that I dealt with a lot of body shaming this year, and I've never experienced that before," she said. She's not over-exaggerating. This year was a banner year for people saying horrendous things about Selena's physique

"I don't care about that stuff, but I did start gaining weight and I didn't really mind it," she said. "I enjoyed it." It's a beautiful thing for a woman to love the way her body changes and grows in different ways, but of course strangers on the Internet have to be rude dicks about it for some reason.


The criticism did get to her, she said."Man, that hurt...That was really hurtful."

But with the new album cover, Selena is throwing it right back in their face. This is what winning looks like, folks. 

"I'm not going to give a fuck what people...I'm not going to care," she said. "I'm not going to let them get to me. I can do what I want."

I also heard for lunch today Selena ate a glorious meal salted with the tears of her haters. Body-shamers, when will you learn that you are losing this game?

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