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Sen. Risa Hontiveros Files 'Tres Marias' Bills To Protect Women Against All Types Of Sexual Violence

'It's time to interrupt and end the culture of rape and male sexual violence.'

"On Tuesday, November 22, Senator Risa Hontiveros filed three bills that seek to give women more protection against sexual harassment and violence, including attacks on social media," reports Camille Elemia on Rappler.

Hontiveros collectively referred to the these three bills as the "Tres Marias" bills:

Senate Bill No. 1250 (Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill) 

This bill seeks to amend current legislation with the inclusion of sexual harassment between peers and those committed to a superior officer by a subordinate, or to a teacher by a student, or to a trainer by a trainee.

Senate Bill No. 1251 (Anti-Gender-Based Electronic Violence Bill) 

This bill seeks to penalize those responsible for misogynistic and homophobic attacks on social media. The offenses listed in this bill include harassing or threatening the victim through text messaging, posts in social media sites, or other cyber, electronic, or multimedia means.

Senate Bill No. 1252 (Anti-Rape Act) 

This bill aims to amend and modernize current anti-rape laws. It seeks to classify the use of video recordings during the commission of the rape as an aggravating circumstance.

InterAksyon quoted Hontiveros: "It's time to interrupt and end the culture of rape and male sexual violence. We will bring the fight to our very homes, workplaces, and the internet. We will give no quarter to misogyny and sexism. We will not allow the gross and blatant disrespect, sexual assault, and objectification of our women and children to continue to take safe refuge in our communities."

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