Seok-Woo From 'Train To Busan' Is The Dreamiest DILF Ever

PHOTO: Twitter/Gong Yoo

ICYMI, the Korean zombie drama Train To Busan has been the biggest movie in the country (and all over the world, actually) for the past few weeks. Apart from the action packed sequences and literal gut-wrenching zombie scenes, what made our hearts beat oh-so fast was the lead actor Gong Yoo.

In the film, the ~*dreamy*~ 37-year-old Korean star played Seok-Woo, an absentee father to his young daughter So-Ann. As the film progressed with the father and daughter tandem fighting their way through hordes of zombies, Gong Yoo’s delicate features and hot physique (that we assumed was underneath his blood-stained white button down shirt) got us hooked more than ever!

And even if Gong Yoo has no children–yet *winks*–here, we give you the many reasons why he is potentially the dreamiest DILF alive—he did play an amazing dad role in the movie!

PS. Don’t you just LOVE our Asian men?!

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He looks amaaaazing in a suit!

Or even in boards shorts and a rash guard

With a shirt on…

And off *winks*


Oh, look at that sexy stare…

And that SMILE!


Don't you just love a guy in glasses?!

He got that bad boy charm...

But he’ll always be that good Korean boy you wanna bring home to mama <3

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