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Shamcey Supsup-Lee Shares Her Birthing Experience With Her Son 'Peanut'

PHOTO: Instagram/carissacielomedved

Celebrity, host, and former beauty queen Shamcey Supsup-Lee gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday morning, September 30. Through several emotional Instagram posts, she shared about how she delivered her second child, Peter Nathan Lee, whom they've nicknamed "Peanut." 

According to Shamcey, she was torn between having a second cesarean section or a normal delivery during her pregnancy. Her husband, Lloyd Lee, was very supportive, leaving the decision up to her. Unexpected circumstances, such as her original Ob-Gyne being gone for her crucial 39th week, also came up.

But the biggest surprise was that Peanut decided to greet the world a week early!  


Shamcey was already having contractions even though she was only on her 38th week. She was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the labor room, where she waited for her doctors. According to Shamcey, "That was the longest wait ever. The contractions were downright painful, I was shouting and crying and begging for a dose of my epidural."

In her caption, she continued, "With the positive encouragement of everyone in the delivery room especially Lloyd who's assuring me and telling me my progress through every push, I heard the doctor say, 'the baby's head is out, one more push for the shoulders,' and I gave one big push and then our son was out and placed on my tummy. It was pure joy to see him that I did not even notice the delivery of the placenta and the stitching of my tear." 

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Congratulations again, Shamcey and Lloyd! Their firstborn, a daughter named Nyke, celebrated her second birthday this year. 

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