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Sharon Cuneta Reveals She Had Breast Reduction In The US

'No, I didn’t have implants.'
PHOTO: Instagram/reallysharoncuneta

Sharon Cuneta revealed she recently had breast reduction in the US.

During the virtual press conference of her latest movie, RevirginizedSharon shared how she underwent a breast reduction procedure to get rid of excess skin and fat due to breastfeeding and weight loss. Sharon is 55 years old.

"I had my chest reduced kasi I gained so much weight and then I breastfed Miel and then after gaining and losing, a lot of it was skin and fat. No, I didn’t have implants. It was all natural, but it was all skin and fat so I had it reduced."


"When I had children, I breastfed and I gained so much weight. And when I lost all that weight, imagine the skin and the fat na naiiwan.”

Sharon said she lost 10 pounds while she was a judge on the celebrity singing and impersonation show Your Face Sounds Familiar. When she went to the US in May, she gained those pounds back.

Also in May, Sharon opened up about becoming "depressed" and "heartbroken" after losing a career opportunity due to a false positive COVID-19 test result. She was supposed to be part of the movie about the life of Fil-Am stand-up comedian Jo Koy. The movie, which would be the first all-Filipino Hollywood film, is backed by Steven Spielberg.

"Before I went to the States to lick my wound, KC knew about the project with Jo Koy. Hawak ko na. Nawala pa. It was really the false diagnosis of that laboratory. It was not the fault of those nurses who took my swab test. I got swabbed again after that, ako seven times. Negative naman.”

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Even if Sharon's succeeding RT-PCR test results all came out negative, the production had to immediately cast a different actress since it could not afford any delays. The role was given to Fil-Am actress Tia Carrere.

Sharon decided to still fly to the US to recover emotionally from the missed opportunity. There, her manager kept her busy doing auditions. Sharon was in L.A. for two and a half months and she has recently returned to the Philippines.

Apart from her breast reduction, Sharon noted in the interview that she also underwent surgery in the US for her deviated septum to improve her breathing.

"Do you know all my life I lived with deviated septum? My left septum."

"The thing was sa recordings ko kung pakikinggan niyo, lalo na later in life, dinig na dinig ang hinga ko after every line, nadidinig sa ibang recordings ko," Cuneta said.

"Because I would breathe through my mouth because this one (her right nostril) was maluwag and this one (her left nostril) was masikip kahit sa swabbing. Kahit my EENT here knew. So when I was in the States, since I already had this (breast reduction) done, sabi ko pa-check ko na nga ito." 


"Do you know the first thing I said when he removed that thing inside, when I inhaled for the first time with two nostrils, with two straight septums? Sabi ko, 'You mean to tell me all my life this is how all of you have been breathing?' Now, I can breathe."

Revirginized, in which Sharon co-stars with Marco GumabaoAlbert Martinez, and Rosanna Roces. is the first Filipino film that will be shown in theaters in the US during the pandemic. The movie can be streamed on Vivamax.

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