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Sharon Cuneta Posts The Most Heartfelt Message About Leaving Frankie Pangilinan To Study In NY

She even calls Frankie her 'best friend!'
PHOTO: Instagram/reallysharoncuneta

Frankie Pangilinan just started her college life in New York this week! But before she settled in her new ~uni life~, Frankie's whole familymom Sharon Cuneta, dad Senator Kiko Pangilinan, and siblings KC Concepcion, Miel, and Miguelflew with her to the city earlier this month for some family time before she officially started her term.

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Most of Frankie's family have already gone back home to Manila, except for her mom Sharon who's finding it a bit difficult to let go of her second child. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Sharon revealed that she's been lacking sleep because she knows she'll soon have to leave her precious "Kakie" behind:  

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"KC flew home the other day. Dada, Miel, and Miguel, with our Yaya Carmen left yesterday. So it's now just me, Yaya Hanzel, and my Kakie who is sleeping with me in the hotel until I leave, even if she's already settled in her dorm. I have been getting two and a half to three hours of sleep at night since we got here two weeks ago, and now, clearly, this is no longer jetlag (though that lasted a week for me!). It's all the stress and pain of knowing that in a few more days, I will have to gather all my strength to be able to finally leave her here, in this big, beautiful cityall alone without her whole family and her friends whom she has known and loved and been loved by since 7th grade."

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She also called Kakie her "best friend" (AWW!) and said that even it's hard on her to leave her daughter, she wouldn't be selfish enough to keep her from realizing her dreams:

"She has known nothing but love since the day she was born...and I worry too much about her. I am so crazy about all my childrenbut since Kakie's second oldest and was born a 'manang,' meaning she has always been more mature for her age, she has been for the past few years, my best friend. I miss her already. I cry every night, but I shouldn't be selfish and just let her spread her wings and fly."

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Sharon also posted videos of her walking Kakie to school (SO CUTE) and grabbing some Nutella (apparently, Kakie's fave) before her classes start.

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Aww! This just makes me wanna call my mom and tell her: "I LOVE YOU, MA!"

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