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You Have To Read Sofia Andres' Touching IG Post For Elisse Joson

'I am absolutely happy that you are being true to yourself now, Elisse.'
PHOTO: Instagram/iamsofiaandres

Sofia Andres and Elisse Joson have been best friends for years now, even before Elisse became a household name through Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 in 2016. But things weren’t always smooth for them.

On August 26, Sofia confessed on Instagram that she and Elisse have had a falling out. “Yes, I [gave up] before when [Elisse] forgot about herself. I unfollowed her on everything. I got tired of reaching out, I got tired of hoping.”

Sofia said Elisse “lost herself” from fighting for someone who wasn't right for her. “Claire [Ruiz] and I watched her grow, watched how she really fought for someone from afar. [We saw] how hurt she [was], how much she’s sacrificing, how much she lost herself.”

It can be recalled that there were reports early this year on Elisse going through a rough patch with her onscreen and then-rumored offscreen partner McCoy de Leon. Elisse also faced negative comments from fans of her love-team, McLisse, because she was allegedly being linked to someone else.

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Sofia credited their friend Claire Ruiz for rebuilding their relationship. “Thank you, Claire, for helping me, us. You’ve always been the peacemaker in this crazy relationship.”

Now that the three have reconciled and reunited, Sofia promised that she will fight for their friendship. Our friendship isn’t perfect. We make mistakes [and] we fight. [But] there’s only one thing I can do, and that is to fight for these two beautiful girls.”

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She ended her post with, “I am absolutely happy that you are being true to yourself now, Elisse.” She added, “I am glad that we saved this friendship. This is the only thing I treasure. @claireruizhartell @elissejosonn I’m so proud of you two for being strong. I’m always here.”

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