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Sofia Andres On Being A Mom To Zoe: 'I've become a better person'

*Major* changes came along with baby Zoe.

Aside from adding the *cutest* mother-daughter photos on her Instagram feed, Sofia Andres said a lot has changed since she and boyfriend Daniel Miranda became parents to Zoe more than a year and a half ago.

"Ang laki ng pagbabago ko as tao, as nanay, as partner," the actress shared in a virtual press conference for her upcoming teleserye, La Vida Lena.

She described how much she has matured since becoming a mom. "Parang I became a better person. I'm so proud of myself. Lumaki 'yong pang-unawa, parang iba 'pag nanay na."

"Nandoon na yung alaga sa anak. Hindi lang sa anak, sa ibang tao. Masyadong motherly na ang thinking," the 22-year-old first-time mom added.

In 2019, Sofia took a break from showbiz to give birth in Australia. She makes her much-awaited television comeback as Rachel Suarez-Villarica in Dreamscape Entertainment's newest revenge drama. The full episodes of La Vida Lena will air on different ABS-CBN platforms on June 28.

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