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Watch Solenn And Nico's Wedding Highlights Video

Happy anniversary, you two!
PHOTO: YouTube/Jason Magbanua

It's been one year since our favorite couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico tied the knot in Combourg, France. And as a timely ode to all their loved ones (and fans!), SosBolz shared their wedding highlights via a film by Jason Magbanua. Here, we get to relive their tear-jerking wedding vows ("I promise that forever will make sense." - Nico) and more of their craaazy reception which was full of fun, laughs, and love!

On Solenn's new website, she also shared the nine things she's learned on her first year of marriage. She writes:

1. Make sure you have freedom, yes. But more importantly, have trust.

2. Encourage each other to continue doing the things that make the other person genuinely happy.

3. The One is someone you will always learn from.  

4. Money is often a source of fights.

5. Do not settle into a routine.  

6. Get to know what the other person's hobbies and interests are. 

7. Keep rediscovering each other

8. Don't forget who you are and always stay true yourself. 

9. Know that whether it's a boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship or a baby marriage or a long-term one, as long as you are genuinely happy… Well, may forever talaga.

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