Sorry, Ladies: Piolo Pascual Will Only Date You If You're In Your 20s

Don't want kids? You're off the list, too.

In an interview with, Piolo Pascual, 37, says he'd prefer his future partner to be in her 20s when they get married. The reason? He wants four more kids.

He shares, "I wish she (future wife) will be in her 20s, or maybe mid-20s. I want four more children so I won't go for a girl in her 30s."

Piolo already has a 16-year-old son, Iñigo, who is based in California with the mother. But despite wanting more children, he can't find time to date. The Hawak Kamay actor tells, "When I signed [a contract with ABS-CBN] for another two years, I said to myself, 'For now, kalma ka muna. Trabaho ka muna. Huwag ka muna magrebelde. Huwag ka muna gumawa ng ibang bagay.' So, pinakasalan ko rito yung trabaho ko to make it simpler for me."

It'll also be two more years until his son turns 18—a personal deadline Piolo gave himself to settle down, according to

"If I want to [be] in a relationship, it's easy to [make it] happen," he says. "There are lots of girls there. But how can I give her my full attention? I have no time."

If you think about it, props to Piolo for his brutal honesty when it comes to his ideal girl. But seriously, you MAKE TIME for love, Papa P. May the odds (and ovaries) be ever in your favor. 

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