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Hey, Millennials: Spotify Will Be Launching ~CD-Quality~ Audio This Year

It's like the 2000s all over again, you guys!

Picture this: It's 2003 and I'm in my room holding my most prized possession, a beautiful periwinkle blue Sony Discman I got for Christmas the year before. I pop out my favorite CD (aka what my tween self would call ~the album of the year~): Britney SpearsIn The Zone, put my headphones on, and dance my heart out to "Me Against The Music". Life is good. And the music? Even better.

Fast forward to 2021 and I'm still jamming to music in my room, but that Discman and my Britney CD? I dunno where they are. These days, streaming platforms reign supreme for their accessibility and practicality. But listening to music now is different. It's not entirely noticeable at first, but there seems to be less color and texture to the songs I listen to. Para bang may kulang.

And Spotify knows this and they're readily addressing the issue. Announced during their "Stream On" virtual event, the streaming platform will be launching Spotify HiFi, which delivers CD-quality and lossless audio (aka higher quality) and promises more depth and clarity in our listening experience. You see, the audio you listen to on Spotify right now is… basically a compressed version (aka lower quality) of the original files.

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But, as we know, there really is nothing that beats listening to music the way it was meant to be heard, and Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas actually talk about the importance of "hi-fi" in the video below:

Spotify HiFi is set to roll out in select markets in 2021. There are still no deets on the pricing of Spotify HiFi, but it is promised to be available to Premium subscribers. Stay tuned for updates! But 'til then, here's some Britney, bitch:


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