Spotted: Men Who Love Women Who Can Hold Their Liquor

Cosmo sidled up to some liquor-loving lads at Absolut Vodka’s Absolut 101 event and asked them: Would you mind if a girl drinks a lot?
These days, women can down alcoholic drinks just as easily as the next guy. They can match men glass for glass, bottle for bottle, in the drinking game. But we want to know, do guys think that’s sexy or skanky?

To investigate, we went to Absolut Vodka’s vodka education course-slash-drinking party dubbed “Absolut 101: A Course In Good Taste” held on January 13 at The Establishment in The Fort and stalked some liquor-loving lads in attendance. Even though the event was held on a Wednesday, these guys gamely joined the vodka appreciation session hosted by beverage consultant and Absolut Brand Ambassador Bjorn Olsson, and they surely didn’t hesitate to down glass after glass of Absolut as soon as the lecture ended!

As the drinks flowed and the party vibe thickened, Cosmo went up to the cuties in attendance and asked them: Would you mind if a girl drinks alcohol a lot? We were glad to find out that these fun-loving fellas don’t mind one bit! Click on the 'view gallery' button below to find out what exactly they had to say.

With reports from Trixie Reyna and Mel Santiago
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