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Starstruck V Stud Rocco Nacino Chats With Cosmo Chicks

Wish granted! We gave our online readers the chance to talk in real time with Cosmo's April Online Hunk through the Celebrity Chat last Tuesday.
Every week this month, we dished dozens of sizzling summer snapshots and juicy bits of dirty secrets and revelations about our April Online Hunk, Rocco Nacino. But it seemed that seeing his hot, beach boy photos each week is not enough! In fact, it just made you, Cosmo ladies, ask for more, more, more!

We don’t blame you. GMA-7 Starstruck V’s Second Prince was able to charm even the team. That's why we lined up the romantic stud for a Cosmo Celebrity Chat with you last Tuesday, April 27.

As promised, at exactly 3PM (he wasn’t late; he must be excited, too!), Rocco logged on to Cosmo Chat to talk in real time with members. They sure had fun as Rocco answered their questions about his life and joked around with them. The convo got more and more exciting as this hottie pulled crazy antics and made wacky faces on the webcam. No wonder you guys--and Rocco himself--begged for an extension (we could only grant a five-minute extension, since the in-demand lad had to run to another important appointment)!

A lot of Cosmo girls really marked their calendars for this Chat, as proven by how there were over 65 of you present in the chat room at a particular time. We're guessing there's more who joined actually, as some would leave and be replaced by more members. Despite the number of people he had to entertain, Rocco was able to keep up. “Solong solo n'yo ako. I’m yours guys… Hehehe!” he typed.

And how did the Cosmo chatters find the handsome star they were chatting with?

Hindi lang gwapo, SEXY pa! Cute and adorable, handsome...lahat!” – dckapamilya


Lahat ng pic mo sa Cosmo na-copy ko na at wallpaper pa ng laptop ko ngayon!” – rhansie

And, as promised, we're giving a gift bag filled with beauty loot from Clinique, MAC, L'Oreal, and Avon products to the most active chatter, who turned out to be...shiabree! She surely entertained our celebrity chatter with wacky comments and questions for Rocco like, “Gumapang ako sa lupa para maka-chat ka,” “Kahit tagapayong Rocco mag-a-apply ako para makasama ka,” and “Rocco, would you be my escort sa debut ko?” The hunk must have had this admirer lovestruck! Shiabree, please wait for us to email you details on how to claim your prize.

Click on the ‘view gallery’ button below to see behind-the-scenes photos of Rocco and how much fun he had chatting with you Cosmo gals!
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