The Many Times Sue Ramirez Was The Realest Girl On IG

She's not afraid to show her personality, and we love every bit of it.
PHOTO: Instagram/sueannadoodles

Sue Ramirez has got a slew of enviable talents: singing, acting, and taking ~*the best*~ Instagram photos ever. The Kapamilya star is totally cool and proud to show her real personalitywhich is a mix of crazy and hilariousand we absolutely love her for it!

She's all for owning her double chin:

And she's proud of her "flaws."

She's a true sleeping ~*beauty*~

...and a shameless selfie kween!

She's also the most makulit cast member on-set...

...and gets crazy with her closest friends:

She's totally cool getting a lil wacky:

But can go demure when the ~lewk~ calls for it!

She's unafraid to have her pic taken with her happy crush (Hi, Zanjoe):

And post a crazy photo of one of the prettiest girls in the 'biz/her close friend, Liza Soberano. #winner

You do you, Sue! <3

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