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Taylor Swift "Stalked" Her Fans

With good intentions, of course.

Taylor Swift "stalked" her fans online before deciding who to invite to her house to listen to her new album.

The "Shake It Off" hitmaker hosted an intimate listening party for her new album 1989 and admits she investigated her devotees online before selecting who could attend the special events.

She said: "I wanted it to be super secret—not to be redundant—so what we did was contact all these fans that I'd been stalking on the internet.

"You kind of go on the internet and have a look at their Instagrams, maybe look at what their life is like, like 'cute cat, cute dog', and then I would send in the URL for their Twitter, their Tumblr, to my web team, and they compiled this list of people we were going to contact when the time came.

"So they were contacted, they were told 'meet in a church parking lot at this particular time, we can't tell you any more information other than it's Taylor Swift-related'. So then their phones were taken, they were put on bus."


And the 24-year-old beauty admits she could be perceived as "creepy" because she "spied" on her fans in her house before introducing herself.

She said: "The first group didn't realize where they were until they were like snooping around and looking inside the windows of the house, and they see like a Grammy on the mantle, and pictures of my friends, and that was when...I was hiding in the bedroom, spying on them. I'm not coming off well! I'm coming off really creepy!"

Taylor invited 25 fans to her house and made it easy for them to steal mementos of their visit.

She explained to Chatty Man host Alan Carr in an interview airing in the UK:  "I think one of the soaps went missing. Because one of them was like 'she doesn't have any soap in her bathroom', and I was like 'well if there's no soap, it's because somebody took the soap'.

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"So then I just put all these little soaps in the bathroom, so that if they wanted to take them they could. If you want to take the soaps, then I will make it readily available for you to steal them. At least no one's going to go without soap now, I don't want to come off as unclean."

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