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This Little Girl Had Her Dying Daddy Walk Her Down The Aisle

A terminally ill father recreated his daughter's future wedding day because he won't be around anymore when it happens.

Daddy = every girl’s first love. He’s the one boy who will love her unconditionally for the rest of her life.  He will never betray or hurt her intentionally, and he’ll be there to pick up the pieces when another boy breaks her heart into a million pieces.

We all love our dads, so reading this touching story about a cancer-stricken father and his 11-year-old daughter was heartbreaking. Jim Zetz is a terminally sick patient suffering from pancreatic cancer. Given his situation, he knows he may not live long enough to walk his young daughter Josie down the aisle when the time comes.

This is why he and his wife decided to hire photographer Lindsey Villatro, who is known for offering photography sessions to terminal patients, to document his last moments with the family. To make it more special, Lindsey decided to stage an early wedding for Josie so that her father can walk her down the aisle. There may not be a groom yet, but at least Josie will be able to look back and say her daddly walked her down the aisle.

We’re suddenly missing our dads so much right now. Time to give him a call.


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