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The 6 Best Local Celebrity Wedding Vows From 2015-2016

'I promise that forever will make sense.'

Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat


"Adrien, I love everything about you–everything I know about you and everything I don’t know.

You make me love my life. And these past few months were very hard for me. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, and everybody kept saying ‘Have faith’ but it was so difficult when I lost my dad. But I knew that God still loved me 'cause he gave me you."


"Your heart is the most beautiful part of you. You have the power to spread love around you. I feel it every day in every little attention you consistently give to me and I wanna feel it forever.

I knew quite early you would be the one. The first time I saw you my heart whispered, 'She's the one.'"

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico:


"From the start, I've always been the one to make the wrong decisions, meet the wrong guys. I have always thought that it was in my destiny to end up with someone that needed fixing, when in fact I was the one that needs fixing. Then I met you and things just went amazing.

I cannot promise you that I won't hate you at times, but I know I will love you harder even when it hurts.


"Baby, I won't tell you anything I haven't told you in the past five years we've spent together. But there's one main lesson I learned from you is that love is not platonic, it's not even romantic. It's something that you work for everyday. That's why I promise not just to love you forever but to also love you every day.

I promise to be there for you when you need me but also to be there for you when you don't need me. I promise to support [you] in any path you need to follow, no matter how crazy it is. And lastly, I promise that forever will make sense."


Pauleen Luna and Vic Sotto


"Sanay ako sa mga jowa lang, syotitay, mga fling pero masarap pa lang sabihin yung ‘asawa ko’And to you my asawa, I love you forever."


We were tested so many times but we survived because of one reason. And that reason is God. He was with us in every single struggle. He always made us realize the worth of each other and he didn’t allow us to fall apart.

You are a great person, Vic. Despite the success, you have unbelievable humility, you have a heart that’s always ready to help. You are kind even if you’re not aware of it. Your love [for] your children is immeasurable. And your love [for] God is beautiful.

I’m blessed to have you, and see the goodness in you and to know the real you. You made me see that true love knows no age, no boundaries. Beyond [what] the eyes can see, that true love is felt. That true love is [a] gift from above. Thank you. Thank you for sticking out with me this far. Thank you for fighting for me. Thank you for allowing me to love and care for you, for making me the best version of myself. Thank you for respecting me, my parents, and my values. For loving me the best possible way you can. I know that you’re trying your best.

I cannot promise a life without arguments, petty fights, and misunderstandings, but I promise to understand you every single time. I promise to respect you, your decisions. I promise to take care of you, put your needs before mine, and give all the love and attention that you deserve.

And most importantly, I promise to love your children the way I love you.

Remember from this day on, we are one. Your problems are my problems. Your pain is my pain. Your success is my success, and your happiness is mine.

I will hold your hand through this whole journey and will not let go. Thank you and I love you.”

Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi


"To be completely honest, you have been nothing but a big road sign and detour. For 29 years, I have been enjoying cruise control, making sure I enjoy the ride of my life. The road I have taken has always been safe and sure. And I never wanted it to end or to change. But God has a funny way of dealing with things. He swept me and He took me down. He grappled with me until I tapped out. God sent me the greatest match of my life. He sent me you."


"Ali, dumating din ang panahon na ito. Marami tayong naging unos pero hindi ito nahadlangan ng kahit sino at kahit anong bagay. Ito nga ang ating tadhana—ang isa’t isa.

Ikaw 'yung reason kung bakit ko nasabi na ikaw na nga ang taong pakakasalan ko dahil ikaw ang nagpakita sa’kin ng totoong kahulugan ng pag-ibig. Dahil ang pag-ibig ay hindi lang puro masaya. Ang pag-ibig ay mahirap din. Ang pag-ibig ay paulit-ulit na pagiintindi, pagtitiis, pagaaruga, at pagpapaubaya. Ang pag-ibig ay sa hirap at sa ginhawa."

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert


"At first, I liked you because you were tall and cute and you smelled good, you dressed well, you’re polite, you’re very intelligent. And then I started liking you more for being warm and light at the same time. Generous and positive. For being good at Microsoft Excel and for knowing how to play the piano. For getting my dog Charlie’s approval, for opening doors for all girls and not just the pretty ones.

Your promises, your wisdom, and the quiet assurance you give making me feel that everything is going to be OK. It wasn’t a ‘one-time fireworks eureka slo-motion running to each other’s arms’ kind of moment. It was a gradual but consistent build-up of trust and friendship which just started growing and growing, and before I knew it, had turned into love. The real kind. The God kind. And I knew in my spirit that it was right.

"You have quickly become my everything and I am sometimes left wondering how I could have possibly done without you all those years. There are days when I wish I’d known you earlier but I know that God makes all things beautiful in His time."

I love you for being a man of God, seeking His approval in all that you do, preaching with passion and living it for those around you to see.

I love you for all that you are right now and I offer myself to you, my past my present, and my future. I promise to honor you, respect you, and serve you. I promise to make you as happy as you make me. I promise to nurture your passions and enjoy this beautiful life our God has blessed us with.

I prayed for you as a little girl and, again, a few years ago, asking God to keep safe the man of my prayers and I will continue to pray for you as a wife.

 I promise to fill our home with love, music, and laughter, to raise God-fearing children. I promise to never go to bed without resolving our conflicts.

In sickness and in health, til death to us part. My palangga, lovekins, babe, my kakampi, my reward. I love you. And I will love you with all my heart. Everyday.”


"God gave me exactly what I needed, someone who puts Him first and reminds me to do the same. Someone that loves her family. Someone wise. Someone that I know will help raise good children. Someone that knows my faults and loves me just the same. I can’t believe that He had all of this planned out even before the first day I set my eyes upon you in school when I was too torpe to go up to you and introduce myself.

I promise to work hard to be a worthy spiritual leader to our family. I promise to put your needs before mine–even if that means letting you treat my face with your painfully sharp nails in order to fulfill your hidden desire to be a dermatologist. I promise to work hard to be a good provider but at the same time remember to not take life too seriously.

I promise to comfort and carry you when life weighs you down. I promise to be your biggest fan and biggest supporter for whatever it is you wanna do.

I promise to listen to you and to always strive to be better. I promise to never stop courting you. Thank you for saying ‘yes’ and trusting me with the rest of your life. I promise to love you forever."


Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano


"When I saw you come down that aisle, I saw everything, my future, the beautiful mother of my children in the future—that was the rest of my life right there. My partner for life, my miracle. You are my number one priority right now after God. Just like the movies, happily ever after is right in front of me right now—and it feels great. Because sometimes you just watch that on television and at the cinemas. To have that in real life is overwhelming. It’s only something God can direct. I will never stop thanking Him for blessing me with [someone] not just physically beautiful but inside so generous, so giving. You love so many people and to feel that also is just overwhelming.

Eight years was just super challenging. Stepping into your business was something very new to me even though my grandfather and my dad were in it. But to be now in the spotlight was just tough. There were always those people who wanted to harm us but Jeremiah 29:11 says 'No one will harm us,' and that’s what he did. It’s not about material things, it’s not about what you have, what you got; it’s the love I feel that makes me so rich, makes me so alive. So thank you for giving that to me. And God has really blessed me with you. I know and see and feel and hope and know that the future’s gonna be great."

I’m gonna be holding your hand now as we start the next eight years of forever.

I mean, you know my love for film. And even as we speak, I’m actually producing and directing right now. I got my Super 8 [camera], guys. The reason I chose to shoot you on my Super 8 today is because we’re technically celebrating Super 8 years of love. So you’re my Super 8.

Everyone in the last eight years that we’ve been together always say that we’re perfect together. And the only reason we are perfect together is that we have a perfect God in the center of this, and let's make sure we keep that perfect God in the center of all this at all times.

I don't say this in public and you know that. We only do this in private, but I love you, Celestine."


"Paul, as I look back, I couldn’t help but wonder why you never left. Our relationship was never easy. And every time I would ask you, 'Why are you choosing to stay with me?' You would simply answer, 'Because I love you.'

For eight years you have fought for your position in my life. There were times that I saw you get tired, but you never gave up.

I know I’ve not been the best girlfriend [to] you. But from this day forward, I promise to be the best wife you will ever need. From now on, apart from God, you are now my number one priority. From now on, your happiness is my happiness, what makes you sad will make me more sad, and what hurts you will hurt me the most.

It has been a long journey my love, and now, we are finally getting married, and it is a great love story because God wrote ours.

It was exactly eight years ago from today when I said yes to become your girlfriend. And even then I knew in my heart that you’ll be the same man I’ll say yes to become my husband.

Happy anniversary, my love! And I am so excited to finally experience my life with you. We can now do whatever we want and there's no need to drop me home because now, you are my home.

For the first time we don’t have to text each other good night. We can finally say it face to face right next to each other.

I love you, Paul, and thank you for giving me your last name."

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