KZ Tandingan + Epy Quizon's New Rom-Com Is For All The ~Hopeless Romantics~ Out There

It's called 'The Art of Ligaw.'
PHOTO: Youtube/The Art of Ligaw

In Filipino culture, before you even define the relationship and get together, you first have to woo them with small gestures and romantic acts. This is called ligaw, and you may have encountered the word before in the stories of your parents and elders. The dance of courtship is explored in the upcoming film The Art of Ligaw, starring KZ Tandingan and Epy Quizon.

This Jourdan Sebastian film features Jake (Epy), a 40-something man who has never taken anyone seriously until he meets the younger Carisse (KZ), who stirs feelings within him. Instead of casually engaging in a no-labels relationship with her, he courts her in order to prove how serious he is about her and plans on entering the relationship with full commitment.

The movie also happens to be KZ's first film. The unlikely pairing will explore the ins and outs of ligaw and what the gestures mean to people who have gone beyond the age of puppy love and onto something more serious. From flowers at the office and eating out to late-night dates and heartfelt conversations, the trailer examines how two people fall for each otherit might just have you reminiscing your previous romantic escapades or even have you saying "Sana all."

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The Art of Ligaw will hit cinemas nationwide on November 13.


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