The Best Love Advice From Pope Francis Every Cosmo Girl Should Live By

"Real love is being open to the love that comes to you. The love that surprises us."

Bagong break? Looking for love in 2015? 

We hand-picked some of our favorite lines from Pope Francis' speeches during his Manila visit, and found a quote for every brokenhearted, super-sawi, I-just-want-somebody-to-love-me, ugly-crying girl—regardless of her religious beliefs! 

So hold your head up high, Cosmo Pinay. It gets better. ;)

When things don't work out and the pain is too much, let it out. 

Relationship status = #Complicated? 

Hello, boyfriend. The Pope wants to tell you something. 

See? Even the Pope says there should always be an element of surprise in relationships. 

Love with integrity. Love yourself, too.


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