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The Emotional Stages Of Your Favorite Celebrity Couple Splitting Up

Anger. You text your BFF, "He must have cheated on her!!!!!"

1. Disbelief. You tweet things like, "NOOOOOOO," and, "love is dead."

2. Commiseration. You text your boyfriend the news so he can reassure you that love is not, in fact, dead.

3. Loneliness. He does not respond.

4. Panic. You run through all the celeb couples who are left.

5. Despair. You Google image search the couple in happier times. If they were in a movie together, you watch that movie.

6. Anger. You text your BFF: "He must have cheated on her."

7. Sadness. She responds: "Everyone in Hollywood cheats."

8. Determination. You read everything you can to try to get answers. When did the divorce rumors start? How did this happen??

9. Reflection. You think about who they should date next.

10. Joy. You take a sip of wine and imagine, Maybe me.


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