The Many Reasons That Make Paolo Roxas Sexy AF

He had us at ~*Yale*~. #SmartIsSexy

He’s incredibly smart.

Paolo Roxas, the 22 year-old son of 2016 Presidential candidate Mar Roxas, is a junior pursuing a degree in Economics at Yale University. If getting accepted into an Ivy League school isn’t smart enough for you, then I dunno what is.

He knows how to speak Mandarin.

He’s been learning the language every summer and semestral break ever since he started out at Yale. Wo ai ni, Paolo…. *swoons*

His first job was at Jollibee!

There’s nothing sexier than knowing your guy is there to ~serve~ you.. Hmmm

He worked for a year after graduating from high school.

Paolo worked as a microfinance loan officer for the NGO Kasagana-Ka and as an English tutor at Messy Bessy right after graduating from the British School Manila. Yup, this guy knows how to give back. <3 

He still knows how to ~chill~

Here he is taking a much-needed break in Anilao after the elections season with his daddy Mar.

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He’s super close to his dad. Cuuute.

Here are the two Roxas boys having some father-son bonding! Hi po, tito. Hihi

He's good friends with VP-elect Leni Robredo’s daughters!

Looks like our boy Paolo knows how to treat them girls. We likey.

He took a break from his studies to campaign for his father.

And he was there for him EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY.


And, tbh, who wouldn't think this guy is sexxxy AF?


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