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The Many Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Is Our Modern-Day Prince Charming

#TruLove exists.

(JUSTIN) Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/, (SCREENSHOT) Disney

Justin Trudeau took the world (and our beating hearts) by storm when he was elected as the second-youngest Prime Minister of Canada in October last year. Aside from his Disney Prince physique, *kilig!* the 44-year-old Mr. Trudeau is all things swoon-worthy, based on what we've seen on social media. 

From upholding gender equality to being a certified geek, here are the many reasons why Justin Trudeau is our Prince Charming!

What’s a modern man without his own social media accounts? Yup, he’s even on SNAPCHAT!



He supports LGBT rights and is a proud feminist! YAAAS OMG WE LOVE YOU


More so, his Cabinet members are made up of an equal number of men and women!


He was a certified APEC Hottie during his Manila visit last year. Lookin’ gwapo and mabango in a barong, good sir.


He knows what quantum computing is. You’re the nerd of our dreams HUHU


He is a super geek as well!!! Trekkies unite!

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He has one tattoo (that we know of).


He went trick-or-treating with his kids! OMG!


And even goes boxing for a cause!


He has a big heart and helped this man in a wheelchair. #iloveyoupo


Actually, there are many, MANY more things that this man has done that make him oh-so-perfect! We just lost our ability to think ‘cause he’s just… WOW. *swoons*And this tbt pic is definite proof he's outgrown his adorable awkward phase. (You're welcome.)


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