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The Many Reasons Why We're Rooting For Bea Alonzo And Gerald Anderson

Yuuuup, we are legit fans now!
PHOTO: Instagram/beaalonzo

Yeah, yeah, we had our doubts. Just think about it, Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson together in a movie? *gasps*

If this question came about, say, even a year ago, their on-screen coupling would be unthinkable. But thank god it’s 2016 now, and it’s finally the right time for their love team to happen.

After watching their first ever project together, Star Cinema’s How To Be Yours, we were SOLD. From the first moment their characters Anj and Nino locked eyes on-screen, we just knew.

You can’t fake chemistry. And what they have is legit. Is it because of their past relationship or are they just really good actors? We don’t know. But whatever it is, it works.

So, in line with our newfound fandom, here are the many reasons why we’re rooting for these two (off-screen, perhaps?):

Bea and Gerald are comfortable enough with each other to do this:

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They take “stolen” shots of each other on their IG accounts. *winks*

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They have no shame in wearing couple shirts. Babe Time, YES!

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They play these silly games when they’re together.

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The result of said silly game (UGH SO CUTE):

Their eyes say it all. <3

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Directed by Dan Villegas, How To Be Yours is currently showing in cinemas nationwide. 

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