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The Real Score Between Matteo Guidicelli and Jessy Mendiola

Matteo Guidicelli and Jessy Mendiola describe their connection as an "unlabeled relationship."

Paraiso co-stars Matteo Guidicelli and Jessy Mendiola open up about their “unlabeled relationship” during an appearance on The Buzz.

When asked by Boy Abunda about their relationship status, Matteo replied, “Ang masasabi ko lang, Jessy and I are in a relationship and we don’t want to put any label. We’re not together, we’re not boyfriend-girlfriend, but what we have from my point of view, from my heart…she’s very special to me.”

Likewise, Jessy shared that “Matteo makes [her] happy.”

Though they insist on remaining mum about the real score of their relationship, the duo didn’t hold back on expressing their true feelings and intentions.

“Well, that’s the thing, I want to wait for him to make ligaw. So, I don’t see the point why we have to label our relationship,” explained Jessy.

Matteo agreed with his co-star and believes that taking it slow is the way to go. “Like the song, take it slow, there’s still a long wait to go. The longer you wait, mas maganda.

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