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These People Were Basically Naked At The Preview Ball 2014

Hey, they were just following the dress code!

Every year, our friends from Preview magazine throw a party to celebrate the best-dressed people in the industry. The theme changes, and it's been pretty doable for the last couple of years. In 2011, there was Coco Banana, which was a tribute to the disco era. In 2012, it was Athletic Chic, and last year, it was Just Dance.

But this year, Preview wanted something fierce, daring, and err, hubad. Hence, the 2014 Preview Ball was coined Skin City.

What exactly do you wear to a fashion event when the dress code is hubadera? These guests demonstrate.

Boom Sason covers her private parts with embellishments, and leaves everything else pretty much...well, she is basically naked.

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Laureen Uy pairs a crop top with high-waisted pants from Boom Sason, and big sis Liz Uy goes for Rajo Laurel.

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With a white skin-tight dress like that, we wonder if Maxene Magalona ditched her underwear, too?

Jake Cuenca's model girlfriend Chanel Olive Thomas wore a dress with a low front, a low back, and a thigh-high slit.

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