10 Things You Need To Know About Rachel Peters

Meet our newly crowned Miss Philippines.
PHOTO: Instagram/rachelpetersx

Following in the footsteps of Pia Wurtzbach and Maxine Medina, 25-year-old Filipina-British beauty queen Rachel Peters is stepping up to the plate as the newly crowned Miss Universe-Philippines. And seeing how she slayed the question-and-answer portion along with the swimsuit and evening gown competitions of the recently-concluded Binibining Pilipinas, there is zero question in our heads that she'll make us proud yet again as the country's official delegate at this year's Miss Universe 2017 pageant.

Want to get to know more about our gorgeous new Miss Philippines? Discover some fun facts about her below, as told by Rachel herself:

1. "I love dogs—pretty much anyone who knows me, knows this. And if you check my Instagram, I kinda look like a crazy dog lady! Mine and [my boyfriend] Migz's two American Bullies are the stars of my Insta Stories; their names are Ronda and Batman."

2. "I'm obsessed moisturizing my skin [with coconut oil], a beauty tip my mom taught me. Coconut oil is seriously the best! You can use it for your hair, as makeup remover, all over your body, and for homemade body scrubs. She even uses it to gargle (that I don't do!)."

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3. "The beach is my happy place. I spent the latter years of my childhood living in Phuket, Thailand so I was always on the beach with friends over weekends. Actually, come to think of it, even growing up in Manila, most weekends were spent in Tali Beach. Will forever have a soft spot for that particular place. And palm trees make me happy!"

4. "I'm quite OC and have been since I was a little girl. It used to take me an hour and a half to set up my "work station" to study for exams—I was nine! I used to write packing lists whenever I traveled, I still pack three days ahead of a big trip, and once I start cleaning I find it very hard to stop. This is actually where Migz and I clash, but as they say, opposites attract."

5. "We're currently setting up a small cafe in Siargao. It's not open yet but will be soon and it'll be called "Bake." It's a very exciting project for me because I love the beach and have developed a love for surfing and also interior design. Siargao is magic and I LOVE coffee! It's wonderful that I can combine several things that I'm passionate about into one project. Can't wait to share it with all of you!"

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6. "I have always been afraid of the dentist [and injections]. I have no idea what caused this fear but I still cry to this day. Thanks mum for always letting me squeeze your hand!"

7. "I'm allergic to nuts. My first allergic reaction came randomly on a long haul flight. It was so traumatizing that even just the smell of peanuts makes me cringe now. I can easily pick out the scent of peanuts in food."

8. "I cry a lot—not only when I'm sad, but I shed a lot of happy, kilig, tired and mad tears, too! I cry a little in every single movie I watch. I don't know why but it's good to cleanse the eyes! LOL."

9. "I love my family. My parents live in Thailand so my roomie brother and I only see them a few times a year. We're very close though, we have a WhatsApp group where we talk everyday; my mom is the emoji queen and my dad sends me cute dog videos everyday (now you know where I got my love for animals from)."

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10. "I love being around babies! I have a lot of godchildren and they all make me so gigil! They're a nice reminder to not take life so seriously all the time and I love that they say and do the funniest things."

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