This Harley Quinn Cosplayer Looks So Much Like Margot Robbie It's Crazy

Nope, they're not twins.
PHOTO: Instagram/infamous_harley_quinn

Regardless of your opinion on Suicide Squad, one thing is sure: Margot Robbie killed it as Harley Quinn.

Her portrayal of 'Daddy's Little Monster' has won her praise from critics and fans alike and has inspired a huge amount of cosplay tributes from DC fans.

We've seen a few good efforts out there, dished out by the likes of Arci Muñoz and Cosmo's September 2016 cover girl Nadine Lustre:

But it looks like the competition for the best version of Harley Quinn is over. Everyone, meet Laura aka the infamous Harley Quinn of Instagram:

Laura, a 21-year-old cosplayer from Sydney, Australia, honestly looks so much like Margot Robbie's version of Harley Quinn, it’s dumbfounding. According to interviews, Laura has been a fan of Harley since she was in high school, and Suicide Squad only rekindled her inner fangirl.

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It probably helps, too, that Laura looks a lot like fellow Aussie Robbie even when not in Harley Quinn garb.

Let’s just hope that once her makeup is off, she's not as crazy as Harley.

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