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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'Through Night And Day'

Alessandra experienced hypothermia during *that* pool scene!

Through Night And Day (2018), which stars Alessandra De Rossi (Jen) and Paolo Contis (Ben), tells the story of an engaged couple whose relationship is tested when they go on a trip to Iceland. The movie has been making people cry buckets of tears ever since it dropped on Netflix

Okay, so we already know that Alex *almost* wrote the screenplay + thought about directing the movie herself, that she originally wrote the story with her Kita Kita co-star Empoy Marquez in mind, and that prior to filming she went on a trip to Iceland to research for locations by herself

A few days ago, Noreen Capili, the movie's scriptwriter, shared more trivia about Through Night And Day on Facebook! Read on to find out more about everyone's new fave ~nakakaiyak~ film: 

1. Alex experienced hypothermia during the pool scene in Ireland. Noreen wrote: "Muntikan na ikamatay ni Alessandra yung scene sa pool...Hindi na siya makahinga at naninigas na siya kaya kailangan siyang balutin sa thermal blanket at yakapin. Nanginginig siya noong binibihisan namin siya sa maduming CR at nahulog ang dala niyang panty. I asked her, 'Okay lang ba sa'yo isuot ang nahulog na panty?' 'Hindeeeee!' So ayunwala siyang panty buong araw. At least buhay siya." 

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2. The movie is called Through Night And Day because it's a line from Eric Clapton's song "Tears Of Heaven", which was supposed to be the film's theme song. But because the production team wasn't able to secure the rights to the song, they opted to use "I Will Be Here" instead. 

3. Ben's proposal song to Jen was composed by Joey Marquez, who played Jen's dad in the movie! 

4. According to Noreen, the funny lines and scenes in the movie were a collaborative effort. "Malaki ang natulong ng dalawang artista sa mga punchlines. Iba talaga kapag natural na komedyante. Swabe ang bitawan ng hirit and jokes. Yung mga bastos na punchlineskay Paolo 'yon!" The movie's director, Veronica Velasco, also gave Alex and Paolo the freedom to decide on how they wanted to portray their characters. 

5. When Alex told Noreen about the film, she thought the Iceland breakup was going to be the ending! Little did she know that there was a ~much bigger~ twist. 

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6. Noreen had an aneurysm 10 years ago, and she was even in a coma. Before writing the script, she scheduled a "check-up" with her neurosurgeon. "Akala niya may sakit na naman ako. 'Yon pala, iinterviewhin ko lang siya. Mahal ang PF ng neurosurgeon ko but it was worth it. Nakatulong sa pagsusulat ang mga sinabi niya sa akin." 

7. During its initial release in 2018, the movie was pulled out of theaters after several days. Noreen shared on Twitter, "dahil walang nanonood. Kahit may word of mouth sa ilang nakanood, at nagpa block screening pa yung isang actor-host na walang kinalaman sa movie, nagustuhan lang talaga niya. Waley." The movie hit Netflix in July and Pinoys haven't been able to stop watching it since! 

Read Noreen's full post below: 

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