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Tim Yap's Interview With Angie Mead King Made Us Understand The True Meaning Of Unconditional Love

PHOTO: Instagram/officialtimyap

Entrepreneur and car enthusiast Angie Mead King, formerly known as Ian King, made her debut as a transgender woman on social media over the weekend. The news, despite having been received positively by many of her and wife Joey Mead King’s supporters, was considered a shocking revelation to the public.

After the big Instagram reveal, Angie sat down for a tell-all interview with her good friend Tim Yap, who happened to introduce Angie to Joey back in 2006. In the exclusive story published in The Philippine Star, Angie recounted her long and difficult journey to finally living her authentic self.

Angie’s penchant for women’s clothing started back when she was seven or eight years old. She shared, "There was always that interest ever since I was a kid. Like I would sneak into the maids’ room—sadly—and I’d borrow stuff… When I was younger, I’d try to fit in another woman’s shoes and I liked it. And I was like, 'What’s happening? What is this?'"


This confusion in the young Ian led him to suppress his childhood urges for all things feminine, and he continued to live his life, eventually becoming immersed in the alpha male dominated world of cars and sports—something which Angie says she enjoys until now.  

A few months into his relationship with Joey, Ian came clean about his secret: "I told her I like to wear women’s underwear and it escalated from there."

Throughout Ian’s transition to becoming Angie, Joey was present every step of the way—from Angie’s first public appearance in women’s clothing at Café Ysabel and attending LA and Miami Pride in recent years, to coming out on social media as an unconventional married couple.

Their marriage, of course, underwent many hardships along the way. Angie revealed, "Joey has had her struggles, we had struggles, but we never separated over it. We have been working through it. I have a counsellor, she has a counsellor, we talk to a lot of friends, family."

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Angie and Joey’s story parallels that of Einar and Gerda Wegener's, the real-life couple who inspired the film The Danish Girl. Through their many ups and downs, Angie explained how she and Joey, just like the couple played by Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander, overcame the many odds they faced and how they ultimately let love win:

"Joey helped me to progress way faster than I would. As much as she enjoyed in the beginning and hated it later on, she realized, wait what’s happening? Just like in The Danish Girl, I broke her because she lost face where her knight in shining armor wanted to be a princess… That was the hard part for us, but we picked up the pieces, we figured out what our relationship was—we love each other and this is not gonna break us. Rock and roll, let’s try, are you gonna give up before you try, this is what we are trying. Joey is super pumped also because there is so much support for her, too; she’s more awesome than awesome."


Read the full interview here.

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