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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Go Splitsville: Did Katie Do The Right Thing?

We clue you in on highlights of their romance and speculations on what caused the marriage to go downhill. Let us know what YOU think by voting in our poll.

We're sure you've already heard the shocking news: on June 29, 2012Katie Holmes called it quits and filed for divorce from her supposed main man for life, Tom Cruise. It would've been almost six years since they tied the knot back in November 18, 2006.

This is Katie's first divorce and Tom's third, as he was previously married to actresses Mimi Rogers (in 1987 and later divorced in 1990) and Nicole Kidman (in 1990 and later divorced in 2001).

If you've been following TomKat's romance, you'll remember Tom's crazy declaration of love for Katie while guesting on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Madly in love is the term that comes to mind when we remember what an ecstatic Tom did to that poor couch. But who would've thought that after a few years, the famous celebrity couple would go their separate ways?

Some reports say that Scientology, a controversial 69-year-old religion that claims that people should re-experience painful events in the past, had something, if not everything to do with the breakup. Tom is allegedly a big scientology believer, and Katie wants sole custody of their daughter Suri in order to protect her from being introduced to the practice's ways.

Whether you believe in the scientology speculation or not, we'd like to know what you think about this big breakup. Cast your vote in the poll below and tell us if you think Katie did the right thing.

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