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Tom Rodriguez Gives An Update On His Life In The US: 'I'm okay and I appreciate the sentiments'

It's his first interview ever since his controversial split with Carla Abellana.
Months after his breakup with Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez says he's doing okay and has projects lined up
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/akosimangtomas; (RIGHT) YouTube/GMA News

Tom Rodriguez has given a glimpse of his life in the US, a first since he flew out in March 2022 amid his controversial split with Carla Abellana.

In a report on 24 Oras, the actor was revealed to have recently been a judge at the Miss Philippines USA pageant in San Diego, California. It's officially his first job after going to his hometown of Arizona.

"Happy to be here!" Tom said. "Buena mano. It’s really nice to come here, represent, and also be part of the festivities." 

Tom also added how much he longs to perform again and interact with fans. It looks like he's going to be extra busy soon as he has gigs already in place.

"I really miss performing and collaborating not just with my peers and my predecessors, but also collaborating with the audience, that rapport," he noted.

"We’ve got a few things lined up. So I’m lucky enough to have been part of a series of shows. Hopefully, I can start plugging them soon."


Tom also reassured friends and followers that he's doing fine.

"I’m okay and I really, really appreciate the sentiments. I miss all of you guys right back so I can’t wait to see all of you again; let’s collaborate, let’s work on something."

In June 2022, Tom released a lengthy statement wherein he revealed that he had filed for divorce from Carla. He also pointed out that despite all his efforts, Carla had already given up on their marriage. Tom's divorce can only be recognized in the Philippines if the court approves a petition of recognition of a foreign divorce decree. 

Watch Tom's interview here:


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