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Toni Gonzaga: "Confidence Is More Important Than The Colors On Your Face"

Our lovely cover girl puts more importance on looking and smelling fresh all the time than looking all made up. She talks beauty, fashion, and love with Cosmo.

Among female celebrities, July 2011 Cosmo cover girl Toni Gonzaga arguably has one of the cleanest reps in showbiz. She has never been really involved in any major scandal or tiff with anyone in the industry (save for a now-resolved tampuhan with Pinoy Big Brother co-host Mariel Rodriguez). She's been all about her career (and family) from the start, which makes her the perfect role-model for Cosmo go-getters.

We caught up with this certified Cosmo girl (this is her third cover, after gracing our February 2005 and December 2006 issues!) at the press launch of Tupperware Brands’ fragrance line, which recently introduced her as their new celebrity endorser. Her bubbly personality, humor, and charm made the brand decide to make her the face of their women’s fragrances, which will be launched soon.

We asked Toni about her fave scents, fashion and beauty secrets, and the things that are keeping her busy (and happy). Read on for the full feature.

What are your upcoming projects?

“I’m wrapping up a movie with Star Cinema and Octoarts, [starring] me and Ate Euge (Eugene Domingo). It’s a full-on comedy. Plus, I’m looking forward to the opening of the new season of Pinoy Big Brother. We’re going on our fourth season and this is our sixth year,” she says. You can regularly see her on ASAP Rocks, The Buzz, and Happy Yipee Yehey. The ever-busy gal doesn’t mind being swamped with work. “I’m passionate about my work, I love my work, and I’m very dedicated,” she says.

What do you think makes you fun and fearless?

"I am myself,” and she encourages you to be yourself as well.

Describe your personal style.

“I go for comfort. I don’t really follow the trend or what’s in or what’s the latest, I just go with what looks good on me, the basics. I have a lot of the little black dress because it goes with almost everything and anything; it’s my go-to outfit or attire for any occasion. I just go for comfort. Second na lang 'yung sa style.”

What's your number one beauty tip for Cosmo girls?

“Go for the natural look all the time. Especially if you’re a teenager, or a yuppie...always believe in your natural beauty, and confidence is what’s more important than the colors on your face.”

What are your fave scents?

"Burberry and Jo Malone perfumes, but Tupperware is coming out with a perfume after me, so when it comes out, I guess that will be my favorite. We haven’t started [production] yet, but I’ll be involved in the whole process, from choosing the’s actually very exciting. I want it to smell clean and fresh, like me. It’s actually my first time to venture into this kind of business. I’m really looking forward to releasing this one and introducing it to some of my supporters and to all people who love me and...who would want to smell like me."

You get to do a lot of things in line with work. Is there anything else you'd really like to do?

"Travel alone. Because of the demands of my work, I really don’t have the time to do that. Plus, I’m not allowed because…I’m not allowed. So given the chance, I would want to do that, explore the world on my own and learn things on my own about other countries and cultures.”

Why did you encourage your sister Alex to join showbiz?

“So that she would stop spending my money!" she says with a laugh. But, she really only wants the best for her. “I’ve been watching her, I’ve seen what she’s capable of, and I thought she’d do well. And she is, she’s thriving, she’s enjoying showbiz. It helped that I opened lots of doors for her, but she paved her own way.”

Your relationship with boyfriend Paul Soriano is going strong. What's your secret to making it last?

“It takes a lot of commitment, effort, [and] time to make it work. It has to be both ways. It has to be give and take, and it’s not just all about yourself, you also have to consider the other person’s feelings. For the four years that I’ve been with Paul, communication is very, very important. That’s one thing that I learned from him, that it’s very important to communicate your feelings.”

View the gallery to see more photos of Toni. Don't forget to grab the July ish of Cosmo where she graces the cover, in stands now!

With reports from Trixie Reyna

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