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Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Breakups

Find out who made our list of the most (in)famous failed romances--and how to avoid the same fate!

It's exciting to see celebrities hook up in real life, especially if they were once co-stars or part of a love team in a flick or TV show we adore. There's just something about famous couples that keeps us fascinated, sometimes even more than we are with world affairs!

We become emotionally invested in the personal lives of our favorite celebs because they're living the life we wish we could. But while their relationships may be our fantasy, their breakups are our reality check. When their relationships fail, we start to see them as regular people who get heartbroken just like the rest of us.

For all you girls who are going through a breakup, or those of you who are just curious about the romantic endeavors of Hollywood and local stars, you can take comfort in knowing that the biggest stars have been there, done that, and moved on from heartache. Launch the gallery to see who made it to our list of 10 biggest celebrity breakups in recent years.

With reports from CJ de los Santos and Trixie Reyna

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