Top 10 Stars Of The Decade

Cosmo takes a page out of YES! Magazine's book and presents 10 out of their 20 stars who changed the decade, as found in this month's issue.
There's a new batch of artistas every year; a new flock of young hopefuls vying for the celebrity spotlight. Unfortunately, some of them will probably fade out far more quickly than they'd like, but a few—the lucky few who have enough talent, beauty, and charisma—will last.

This May, YES! Magazine celebrates 20 stars who ruled the last decade. These actors and actresses have proven themselves in the fickle Philippine entertainment industry, and their star power has shone brighter than everyone else's in the last 10 years.

Who made the YES! list? Cosmo will give you 10 hints if you click through to the Gallery below, but pick up a copy of the latest issue of YES! (in stands now) for the full writeup and lovely photos, if you want to see all 20 and why they made the list!
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