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Everyone's Feels After Watching The Pilot Ep Of JaDine's 'Till I Met You'

One ep down and we srsly can't wait for more!
PHOTO: Till I Met You/ABS-CBN Entertainment

Last night, die-hard JaDine fans tweeted their support for the pilot episode of James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s new soap Till I Met You. And yes, in usual JaDine fashion, the hashtag #TIMYLoveBegins quickly shot up on our trending feed.

Much to our surprise (and, we suppose, yours as well), the pilot ep centered on the friendship between Iris (Nadine) and Ali (JC Santos)–leaving us confused AF with their natural chemistry. Any Iris-Ali shippers out there? We know you guys exist.

Of course, with James’ quick reveal at the end of the episode, Basti-Ali shippers cheered on!

James was all praises for his girl Nadine and new bro JC!

And so was everybody else!

Lauren Reid, in an unexpected turn of events, documented how her TV went all glitchy when the show started. So sad our girl wasn’t able to watch her bro. HUHU

The TIMY trio even had their own viewing party of the pilot ep while taking a break from taping. So cute. Don’t you just love these three already? <3

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