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Victoria Beckham Wants to Star in Girls

Victoria Beckham wants to star in the HBO series, and the show's creator, Lena Dunham, is keen to cast the fashion designer as herself.

Victoria Beckham wants to star in Girls.

The 39-year-old star reportedly told the show's creator Lena Dunham how much she loves the latest series of the comedy drama series and that she'd love to make an appearance.

Lena, 27, is open to the idea of the former Spice Girl being on the show and has an idea for her to have a cameo as herself.

A source told Heat magazine: "Victoria said she would love a cameo in the next season. Lena said she would love that and would work on creating a suitable role—most likely, Vic playing herself."

Victoria also plans to introduce her two-year-old daughter Harper—her child with husband David Beckham—to the show when she is old enough.

The source added: "Victoria told Lena how she and David are huge fans of the show, which her pal Eva Longoria urged her to watch. Vic said they loved how down-to-earth and real the comedy-drama was. She even said she wants Harper to watch when she's old enough, to get a more 'all-round education and perspective' of girls and their trials and tribulations."

During their chat, Lena asked Victoria if she could help her revamp her style and update her wardrobe with some stylish new outfits.

The source revealed: "Lena said she'd sort out a role if Victoria would give her a makeover. Lena believes Victoria can upgrade her style."

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