Want To Know Baste Duterte's Type Of Girl?

He has a thing for morenas.
PHOTO: Facebook/basteduterteOfficial

Sebastian Duterte, the 28 year-old swoon-worthy youngest son of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, has become the nation’s social media heartthrob during the elections.

Baste’s got this laid-back bad boy surfer vibe that is just irresistible–not to mention that lip ring… #kilig

Part-rock star (there are clips of him singing Incubus songs), part political scion, Baste’s persona might just be our local equivalent of the UK’s resident wild child, Prince Harry.

So the big question here is, IS HE SINGLE? Unfortunately, no. Baste, who's a dad to two young children, even posted a vid of his “announcement” on his Facebook page while simultaneously breaking hearts nationwide. 

Oo, may GF na ako,” he says. (Please pass the tissue.)


He also answered what seemed to be a question people have been asking him A LOT: What’s his type of girl?

The answer is this:

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Who’s that, you ask? The picture shows Rita, a Badjao girl who’s being made into the next social media sensation (much like Carrot Man). Physically speaking, Baste has a thing for morenas. [via PEP.ph]

Noted. *winks*

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