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Apple's Newest iPhone Is The Most Affordable EVER

An iPhone for less than 20K? YAAAAAS.


Rumor has it Apple is releasing a new iPhone model ahead of their usual annual September flagship launch.

P.S. The rumors are true! Apple unveiled the iPhone SE this week, and it features a 4-inch display, which is a throwback to the 5s and 5c models of 2013.

But it's a lot more updated with the current generation A9 chip which is at least three times more powerful than the fifth generation iPhones in terms of graphics.

The iPhone SE will also be the most affordable phone offering from Apple to date as prices will start at $399 (P18,500) for a 16GB model and $499 (P23,000) for a 64GB model.
Aside from this, it will be equipped with a 12MP iSight camera that can take snaps and live photos similar to what the iPhone 6s has to offer.

The iPhone SE which will be available on March 31 is not the only product Apple unveiled. During the event, a new 9.7 inch iPad Pro was also introduced.

The Verge summarized the whole event into a ten-minute video. You can skip to the 5-minute mark to jump to the iPhone SE and iPad Pro content.

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