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Watch Clark Ask Leah For A Kiss In This 'OTWOL' Outtake!

Warning: This video may trigger uncontrollable smiles and kilig!

Don’t we just all loooove watching outtakes? Especially if those outtakes feature the gorgeous coupling of James Reid and Nadine Lustre! *sighs*

ABS-CBN just released behind-the-scenes clips of the two in On The Wings Of Love, and you really get to see snippets of their off-screen relationship. Seeing them stutter, miss a cue, or just LOL uncontrollably in a scene goes to show that they are REAL human beings who exist on Earth and not just on our screens.

If only, if only…

You must be informed that there is a super kilig MOMOL scene—YES, MOMOL—of the two! Jump to 1:48 to see how this hilarz scene is. Enjoy!!!

PS. Things get really frisky between these two. Uyyy...

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