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Watch Part 3 Of Anne Curtis And Erwan Heussaff’s Honeymoon Series In Africa

It’s the final video of the breathtaking series.

On the eve of his 32nd birthday, Erwan Heussaff gifted the internet with the third and final part of his and Anne Curtis’ honeymoon series in Africa. In the video, the couple travels to Tanzania to meet chimps at the Mahale Mountains National Park. Erwan says, “Chimps are human-like in structure, move around a lot, and are constantly plotting to take over the world, it seems.”


We see more of the open-air accommodations they ‘grammed earlier, Greystoke Mahale, where they spotted a bushpig right outside their window. They also documented their 30-hour journey (!!!) from Tanzania to South Africa. Exploring the city of Cape Town in South Africa, Erwan likened it to Melbourne, Australia. “It is coastal, active, filled with good food, and has a laid-back attitude.”


You can also watch the second video in the series, where they went on two gorilla treks. In one trek, Erwan was even “lucky enough” to be body-checked by a gorilla! “It felt like a whole person fell on me. I was just in his way,” he explains. Anne says, “It was amazing being so close to them and seeing how huge they are in real life, how they move, and how similar they are to us humans.”



Erwan highly recommends exploring Africa. “It makes you feel more human, it feels natural, it feels right.”

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