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This Is What Americans Think Of Our Fave Pinoy Heartthrobs

Guess who among Enrique, Daniel, James, Coco, and Xian is their fave!

Instagram/Fomo Daily

Enrique Gil, Daniel Padilla, James Reid, Coco Martin, and Xian Lim are some of the biggest Pinoy heartthrobs today. The entire country just loves absolutely errthaaaang about these guys. Us included, of course.

But have you ever wondered if our own homegrown boys would also capture the hearts of the international community? If their distinctly Pinoy charm can cross over to the likes of, say, American millennials?

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Well, now we have an answer to that! YouTube channel FOMO Daily came out with this 6-minute vid featuring all five Kapamilya stars with a bunch of American millennials playing a fun game of Like, DM, or Unfollow. How cheeky!

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Without spilling much about the vid, here's a quick summary of what these Americans had to say for each of our boys:

On Enrique Gil: “He does have a kind face but I don’t know if I trust him.”

On Daniel Padilla: “He has a little of an anime-goth vibe.”

On James Reid: “James Reid… That sounds not presidential but, like, an Oscar-winner.”

On Coco Martin: “He’s the Ken Doll from the Philippines!”

On Xian Lim: “He’s like the boy you can bring home to mom.”

Watch the vid below to know all of what these Americans had to say about our Pinoy heartthrobs!

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