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Watch What Happens When These '90s Kids Find Out What "Macarena" Is REALLY About

If you thought the song was just a fun little number about dancing, you were wrong.

Hello, how is your day going? Good? Well, I'm here to ruin your childhood. Do you remember "Macarena," the fun little 1994 Los del Rio song that was a staple at basically every birthday and pool party in the '90s? You probably never really listened to the lyrics beyond the chorus, but if you did, you would know it's not just a song to party to. It's actually about a woman who's unhappy with her boyfriend, so she cheats on him with two of his friends while he's trying to join the army. 

If you didn't ever give the lyrics a second thought or if you've never understood the original Spanish-language version of the song, you'd probably react the same way the people in the video above from Distractify do when they realize the song isn't just a fun little number about dancing the night away with your girls. Sorry.


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