We Just Found The Best Bitter Memes On Facebook

Plus, all the lessons we learned from them.

Today in Fun Things We Found On The Internet: We discovered a Facebook page called “Bitter Ocampo” which features a ton of funny, witty, and very bitter memes. Their profile photo is an edited shot of actor Diether Ocampo, while their cover image has "Walang Forever" as a caption.

Here, we give you our favorite Bitter Ocampo memes:


Lesson learned: Chicks over dicks, anytime!



Lesson learned: Always pay close attention to details.



Lesson learned: All good things come to an end.



Lesson learned: Food will always win.



Lesson learned: Wala talagang forever.



Lesson learned: Always use protection. You can ~trust~ it.

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Lesson learned: Hygiene is important.



Lesson learned: You really can't trust anyone anymore these days.

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