We Just Found The Best Bitter Memes On Facebook

We Just Found The Best Bitter Memes On Facebook

Plus, all the lessons we learned from them.

Today in Fun Things We Found On The Internet: We discovered a Facebook page called “Bitter Ocampo” which features a ton of funny, witty, and very bitter memes. Their profile photo is an edited shot of actor Diether Ocampo, while their cover image has "Walang Forever" as a caption.

Here, we give you our favorite Bitter Ocampo memes:


Lesson learned: Chicks over dicks, anytime!



Lesson learned: Always pay close attention to details.



Lesson learned: All good things come to an end.



Lesson learned: Food will always win.



Lesson learned: Wala talagang forever.



Lesson learned: Always use protection. You can ~trust~ it.



Lesson learned: Hygiene is important.



Lesson learned: You really can't trust anyone anymore these days.

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